Yes, some people may know I have, umm, borrowed the “Guilty Pleasures” title from a CHOM-FM feature, but while the station is applying it to music, I’m applying it here to TV shows.

And, yes, Two and a Half Men — post-Charlie Sheen — is one of my guilty TV pleasures. I like the fact they have introduced a lesbian character (Amber Tamblyn playing Jenny), and I like Sheen’s replacement, Ashton Kutcher. And I like the Rose character, played by Melanie Jayne Lynskey, who was stalking Charlie and now Ashton’s character, Walden. lol. The show reminds me a little of the old Three’s Company series — another of my guilty pleasures — with its nutty situations. It helps me unwind, along with a glass of wine, after a night on the newsdesk . . . mindless humour, just the ticket for washing some of the day’s news out of my brain.

So, what is your guilty TV pleasure? C’mon now, everybody has a least one. Fess up . . .