I was thinking this morning, as I lazed in bed, what a “miracle” life is on Planet Earth, and even more so for we humans who can ponder the nature of our existence — unlike all the other living beings on this planet, who just come and go without ever understanding that they are coming and going.

Then, while sipping coffee at my desk, I used the miracle that is my laptop to go online and view the weather forecast for the week ahead, and understood what the 20 centimetres of snow heading my way really means for we humans . . . sigh . . .

If nations didn’t have borders and absurd financial systems ever in danger of imploding, if we had a more communal system, few people would be living in Canada during the winter. We’d all be down south in the United States or in other warm places, much like Canada geese, which have the good, natural sense and wherewithal — and freedom from said borders and financial systems — to get the heck out before the snow hits.

Such is the insight that comes with eating fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, yes?