I was reading a report — then saw one on CTV News — about a new type of crime being committed in the United States by developmentally challenged morons, usually teenage boys: they walk up to strangers on the street and deliver a knockout punch. They do this indiscriminately, even hitting little old ladies. A couple of people have actually died as a result.

You know, if I had a rocket launcher . . . (as Bruce Coburn sings)

Anyway, it renewed thoughts I’ve had about personal tracking devices. I think it is inevitable that all humans will eventually have some sort of tiny tracking device inserted somewhere in their bodies at birth, and that every move humans make throughout their lives will be recorded somewhere and authorities will be able to tell who interacts with whom.

Yes, I know many people would squawk about loss of privacy and the potential for abuse, but such a system would surely reduce a lot of crime — because there is no way the perpetrators could remain anonymous. The police could easily track who was at the crime scene. So, even aforementioned morons would be deterred.

Of course, personal GPS devices are already being used by people today, but they are mostly voluntary.

On another note: I have no problem with police and government agencies spying on criminals and terrorists. We have no idea how many lives they have saved — your life, perhaps — by thwarting attacks and other crimes, because they generally don’t brag about it.