(As posted to my Gazette blog)

“What if the Bible is really the work of Satan, open to interpretation and designed to confuse mankind and cause disharmony?”

A friend posed that question (I’ve paraphrased it) to me once. I remember just shrugging it off, with a chuckle. In truth, I don’t believe in the existence of Satan or a huff-and-puff-and-blow-your-house-down God or any of the other superstitious claptrap espoused by religious organizations that are still steeped in the tea readings of the Dark Ages. Still, a quick google search of my friend’s idea revealed he is not alone in suspecting that people with initial good intent have had the proverbial wool pulled over their gullible eyes by manipulative organizations doing the work of the devil.

Yet even the Bible — be it inspired by God, the devil or man — says that one could judge a tree by the fruit it bears.

So how is it that various Christian churches have sowed so much hate and fueled so much dissension  over the ages and still managed to retain so many followers? Some would say that it is all about money: keep the people simple, scare them with fire and hell sermons, and take their money. Yet you would think that even the most simple of simpletons could see through the ruses of so many religions as the collection plates are passed in church.

I’m not saying the Bible is all bad — it has lots of good spiritual offerings. But it has a lot of confusing, primitive thought, which is to be expected of the writers who borrowed from Sumerian legends and other early musings and tried to mold it all to the mindset of their times. But it is the year 2013 now, and many humans on the planet have evolved. But not all . . . not in Croatia or, closer to home, U.S. states like Texas or any other places that still deny equal rights to citizens in the name of some religious organization’s interpretation of a god that never speaks for itself.

It’s bunk, of course. It’s simply people manipulating others, and more and more progressive nations are putting the Bible and some of religions’ more hateful, exclusionary own-sweat-smells-the-best followers in their places. And some aren’t, like Croatia, which took a step back in time this past weekend by banning same-sex marriage. What next in that country? A hunt for vampires ? Garlic pinned to every door?

Clearly, much of mankind is still in the fairytale stage, and unscrupulous religious organizations are able to mislead them and corrupt entire  nations — to the point of inducing individuals to commit acts of hate, including voting to take away equal rights of others. Because that’s what happened in Croatia this past weekend: every vote against same-sex marriage was an act of ignorance and hate and oppression, inspired not by God or Satan, but by superstitious men.


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