Should mainstream media report that the newly elected prime minister of a country is “gay,” even though he or she is “open” about it?

It depends, I suppose, on if that person plans to introduce same-sex marriage legislation or some other bill associated with sexual orientation. And on other things, as well.

But what about when a politician is known (by many in the media) to be gay, but is not openly out? Does the media have the right to out him — personally, I don’t think so, but I bet the media would in some countries.

And should we report on the sexual orientation of every politician, i.e. “So and So, who is heterosexual, won his or her seat by 158 votes . . .”

Anyway, I note with interest today that some news sources, including major ones like Reuters and the Wall Street Journal, felt the sexual orientation of Luxembourg’s new prime minister was important enough to mention in their reports. Reuters does say “Xavier Bettel (is Luxembourg’s) first openly gay prime minister, (and his election paves) the way for the introduction of social reforms such as same-sex marriage.”

Other news reports about the PM’s swearing-in make no mention of Mr. Bettel’s sexual orientation, perhaps waiting until Mr. Bettel actually introduces relevant reform measures before mentioning his sexual preferences.

Interesting . . .