OK, I confess I have hardly written anything about Naturism/Nudism in the past week or so (so busy chasing dragons) . . . and I know many of my readers are clicking in here for posts about that subject.

I missed the last public swim event — on Saturday — with my Naturism group, so am really looking forward to rejoining them in a week or so — weather permitting. I think there are only one or two events scheduled for this month, because of the holidays.

How many of you incorporate your love for Naturism into the holiday season? For example, do you take a polar bear dip in some icy body of water on New Year’s Day? Or do you head for a nudism resort in some warm place?

What will you be up to, dear Naturist brothers and sisters?


P.S. I need to catch my breath, so please chat it up here . . .