God, I am loving Half Moon Run more and more. Excellent all around — vocals, instrumentation, song writing. And they are based in Montreal! They’re playing two sold-out concerts in town this weekend — alas, I won’t be seeing them this time, but I will catch up with them.

I love the soulful way they do the song Give Up. I especially like the drumming; fresh and innovative. I did a search on YouTube for a live version, so I could see the drummer  in action (I am a longtime drummer, too).

Anyway, I know Half Moon Run has a lot of fans in Montreal and around the world, spanning several generations: a colleague about my age, i.e. 20something plus a few decades, says she likes this band, too — and she doesn’t even listen to CHOM (like I do)!

Here’s a live version of Half Moon Run’s Give Up. Enjoy . . .