Tis the season to look back at the year that was . . .

Now that I have been participating in social nudism events with a Naturist organization and posed for one nude modeling workshop, I don’t have the same perspectives on nudity that I once might have had. Seeing naked bodies doesn’t exactly turn me on. Au contraire, I think it can be the clothes that add sex appeal — even if one is only wearing heels.

Think of a Christmas tree standing in your living room before you have adorned it with ornaments and such. It’s just a tree, like any other (except it is standing in your living room.). But once you put on the Christmas trimmings, it becomes something else, indeed. (OK, decorated Christmas trees don’t do it for me, either, but it is a fair analogy.)

Still, I have to bear (bare?) in mind that many people still see the naked body as a sex object — even if I don’t.

What are your perspectives on nudity vs. textile adornment and sex appeal?

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