(As posted to my Gazette blog)

“In the hands of its present and recent leadership it has atrophied, and is now like a decrepit Jurassic monster, with failing sight and palsied limb that yet comes snorting out of the undergrowth occasionally in pursuit of some misconceived or conjured cause.”
– Conrad Black, talking about the Toronto Star in an article on the National Post site

Such wonderful imagery, yes? It certainly brought a smile to my face . . . OK, it made me laugh!

Say what you will about Conrad Black (but do it carefully, eh?), the man is a brilliant writer, and his latest column in the National Post — about Rob Ford and the Toronto Star’s coverage of the embattled mayor — is what we call in this business “a good read.” A great read, actually, even if you disagree with his perspectives. I’m sure even the folks at the Toronto Star — some of whom used to work here, at The Gazette — appreciated the above quote, albeit grudgingly, for its imagery and literary style.

I suspect it would have delighted Earnest Hemingway, too.

Oh, and while I’m at it: What a brilliant move by Vision TV’s Zoomer program to bring Mr. Black on-board. Someone there is showing great initiative . . .