If you had told me a year ago that I would become a nudist/naturist, I might have asked you if your crystal ball needed a tuneup. Funny the curveballs life tosses our way, yes?

But as it turned out, this was my coming-out year as a nudist/naturist. It all started when a friend casually mentioned late last winter that there is a nice beach near her house with a “nudist” section — which turned out to be more of an unofficial but accepted clothing-optional section.

As regular readers know, I started exploring the nudism/naturism subject and writing about it in both my Gazette blog and this blog. It was/is a popular subject with readers. I’ve received a fair bit of feedback from naturists around the world, and I thank them — you, my readers — for all the direction and help you gave/give me so that I could address the subject with the respect it deserves. One of the things I discovered early in the process is that nudists/naturists face a lot of discrimination, and that there aren’t a lot of public spaces open to them — or I should say, open to us — in most countries.

I received an invitation in the spring to attend a social nudism event — a swim — with the Ottawa Naturists. I wasn’t shy in the least! I’ve since gone on to join the Ottawa Naturists, and made a good personal friend in the process: Ted, the president of the organization.

Indeed, Nudism/Naturism has brought many new acquaintances into my life, and I know that more of them will grow into real-time friendships in Quebec and Ontario — and if I ever get to places like South Carolina and Hawaii, friendships there, as well. It also brought a nude modeling experience my way — again, I wasn’t shy in the least!

I could go on and on about my thoughts and experiences, but I have already done that in several posts. It’s your turn now. How was your year in social nudism/naturism? Did you see it as a year of progress for the naturism community? Please share your thoughts about nudism/naturism in 2013.