New Year’s Eve

What are you planning for New Year’s Eve? Going out to celebrate? Or will you have a quiet night at home?

Maggie and I are going to a New Year’s Eve party at a neighbour’s home, so we can walk there and back — and drink as much as we like without having to worry about driving. But we’ll have to bundle up: a deep freeze is settling in here that will see temperatures plummet as low as minus-30C at night . . . Brrr . . . No nudism for me in the next little while, indoors or outdoors . . .

And you?



5 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Some Travelites members including my husband and I will be meeting at our property and going out to dinner; then returning here to get comfortable, enjoy a decadent Italian chocolate dessert and go hot tubbing and sipping on champagne to bring in 2014. There are usually fireworks displays that are visible from the hot tub.

    As you said, no nudism for a few months in the northern climes EXCEPT for indoors and outside hot tubs.


  2. I will be going to a New Years party hosted by dear long time friends, with all of the invited being also all long time friends. That’s what happens when you put down roots. All these folks don’t know that I have become a naturist, and I don’t know how many, if any, of them are. I’ll come out publicly some day soon and then I’ll find out. However this little gem that I have found (naturism), I am dying to share. Hug hug, kiss kiss, drink drink. Love you all. Happy New Year!


  3. My wife and I are hosting a few friends for “Hogmanay” (two of our friends are Scottish). There will be silly games and fondue, followed by bubbly to toast the New Year in.

    My friends all know I am a naturist and – for those unsure as to whether or to let their friends know – it has not affected my friendships at all. They see it as something mildly amusing. This particular group are not ready for me to be naked with them, so I shall be keeping my clothes on for the party.

    Here in England it is quite mild with a forecast “high” of 9C today. That is not warm enough to be naked outdoors, but with the central heating on at 19C it is warm enough to be naked at home.


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