“Acceptance is part of naturism too. We should try to accept Christians as well.”

Our dear friend Alex, a.k.a. The Happy Bare, made the above comment to one of my recent posts. He’s absolutely right, of course.

I often write about religionists who seek to deny equal rights to others. Yes, I am critical of that aspect of their belief system. But, I do believe that each religion serves a purpose, that each is a stepping stone in the spiritual journey, and that we each gravitate to what we need at various points in our lives. I say “lives,” because as many of you know, I am a Theosophist — Theosophy is not a religion — who believes in reincarnation, and karma. But even in this lifetime, I started out as a Christian before moving on to Eastern religions and finally being reunited with the Theosophists — it felt like a reunion from the moment I came across some of their literature. Still, as a Theosophist, I feel that I can sit in almost any place of worship, including a Catholic church near my workplace.

I also have great respect for people who don’t follow any religious doctrine, who don’t consider themselves to be spiritual, yet live the golden rule simply because it is the right thing to do. In a way, I feel they may be the most evolved of all humans.

— Jillian

“Let harmlessness be the keynote of your life. ” — Alice Bailey