Who’ll stop the white rain?

Ugh . . . it never ends. The snow keeps on coming and coming and coming . . .

Why hasn’t man found a way to control the weather yet? Why can’t we make snow stay away?

Sigh . . . Some day, perhaps, we will have plastic domes — a la car shelters — over our cities in the wintertime, perhaps over our whole countries in these northern parts of the world. Yes, we could recycle all the plastic bottles and bags we use . . .

Yes, delirium is setting in . . .

Meanwhile, I wonder if some kind U.S. marine or air force pilot could come by my place in a Harrier Jump jet and pluck Maggie and me out of this white misery and take us to some blue lagoon in a warm, tropical place . . . .

Just sayin’ . . .

Happy Sunday, everyone.


2 thoughts on “Who’ll stop the white rain?

  1. We have managed to modify the weather… by burning as much fossil fuel as we can lay our hands on for the last 250 years… but that modification does not equate with control. We can’t control ourselves, never mind the weather. None of the “silly soft stuff” (to quote Thomas the Tank Engine) here in England, and the forecast for today and the next few days is for highs in the 7-10C range. That it is not as bad here as where you are doesn’t stop me wishing I could join you and Maggie at your blue lagoon, rather than heading back to work in Cambridge tomorrow.


  2. Careful what you ask for, one of my neighbours had to abandon his Harrier in a hurry and he said it was scary as was the huge bill from the German motorway breakdown service which rescued him since he nearly hit the road.

    If he hadn’t been found not responsible for the crash he would be still paying it off…

    Just grey and wet here, need vitamin D…


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