Thank God so much rock ‘n’ roll music is timeless, because I’m still playing catch-up with some great stuff from the 1990s. For example: the song Phantom of the American Mother by an now-defunct alternative band from England called Catherine Wheel. (See Wikipedia entry on the band)

I heard the song on CHOM during the Christmas holidays — the on-air hosts taped a special show at Terry DiMonte’s place in which they talked about their fave music and bands and played some of the songs. Among the picks — by music director Picard, I think — was the aforementioned song by Catherine Wheel. I loved it from the get-go — and wasn’t sure if I had heard it back in the ’90s. Thing is, I was driving when they played the song and didn’t remember its name when I got home.

Praise the lord, The Rockman played it on the ’90s at 9 show last night — and this time I remembered the name . . . and have been grooving to it on YouTube today. I’ve included a live version here; the album version is longer and has some interesting extra effects in it.

As for Catherine Wheel, their sound fits in perfectly with so much of the music coming out of Montreal these days, which I love. I can’t wait to listen to all of their stuff, and then tune into some of the solo material by lead  singer/guitarist Rob Dickinson.

Here’s Phantom of the American Mother: