François Hollande: Still my hero

Mon dieu! Imagine French president François Hollande having an affair! He surely must be the first person in France to have done such a thing, so virtuous are the nation’s citizens . . .

Sigh . . .

OK, I can understand why opposition politicians would make hay out of the revelations by some tabloid publication. Hey, anything to make Monsieur Hollande look bad — c’est la guerre, oui?

But why would the average citizen care? What difference does it make to them? Apparently, according to an article in the Toronto Star, the public frankly doesn’t give a damn about his private life. So why are media outlets trumpeting the story?

True, Monsieur Hollande is not very popular, thanks to a weak economy and high employment.

Then there was the same-sex marriage debate last year, which brought a lot of bigots out from the rocks and crevices in that nation. But Monsieur Hollande bravely stood up to the waves of hatred stoked by the clergy in that country and brought equal rights to same-sex couples. Which is why I became a fan of Monsieur Hollande — and feel he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

I am saddened to see his privacy invaded now, and somewhat ashamed of the media.

Monsieur Hollande will always be one of my heroes.

– Jillian

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5 thoughts on “François Hollande: Still my hero

  1. I think I agreed with you Jillian. I’m surprised at the zeal if the press even here reporting the First Lady’s condition. In a hospital with a break down. Wasn’t she the other woman before? Karma’s a bitch you know.


  2. ! What on earth are these women attracted to?

    He clearly has fidelity problems which he should have resolved with his regular squeeze. Not sure that it says much for his sense of responsibility to be wandering the streets in search of extra sex when it is usually thought wise to surround him with security.

    Heros often have flaws…


  3. I don’t give a damn about Hollandie’s private life. I know the Europeans are a LOT more accepting of a person’s sex life-in the dear US of A, we are astonished so much that people have sex.


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