I encountered my first bit of discrimination against nudists/naturists who read this blog recently. A reader dumped on us — I won’t get into the details.

But clearly, nudists/naturists face all sorts of discrimination around the world — from countries in which social nudism is illegal to others that have allowed nowhere near enough public spaces for naturists to journalists and celebrities who take a wink-wink-nudge-nudge approach to the subject and, finally, to misinformed individuals who confuse social nudism with wild swingers’ events.

And all most naturists want to do is just free themselves from the confines of textiles and to overcome body image hangups — because social nudism does those things, and more.

And, hey, we are all naturally naked — we’re born that way.

I thought I would open up this post to my many naturist readers here to talk about discrimination you may have experienced and/or still experience — and to share some wisdom for people looking in who have reservations about it all.

What say you?