I’ve been pretty busy the past week or so, which is why I haven’t been doing a lot of blogging here. Not that I am being silent: I’ve been blogging on the Gazette site quite a bit about Quebec issues and other subjects, including a horrible crime that was committed against a gay person in Brazil. I didn’t share that story here because I didn’t want to spoil your day: the imagery was gruesome. But for those who are interested in Quebec issues and some of the other topics I cover on the Gazette blog, feel free to click in there.

Meanwhile, the subject of “swingers” was raised here recently. Naturists feel the need to distance themselves from the subject, because we don’t want anyone to think that being a nudist and being a swinger are synonymous. Still, though, I imagine some of my readers are “swingers.”

In truth, I have never taken part in that scene, but I do believe in “To each their own.” Or, “whatever floats your boat.”

In the interests of being inclusive, which this blog strives to be, I open a discussion here on “swingers” groups. If you partake, please feel free to share your thoughts on the scene, the philosophy, etc. And if you are a swinger, are you a naturist/nudist, too? In fact, I do know of some nudists who are also swingers, but they do not mix the two in social nudism settings.

For discussion.


P.S. It’s freakin’ cold again in my neck of the woods. The “polar vortex” has returned!