We are in the midst of another “polar vortex” deep freeze here in the land of the ice and snow, and I am coming down with cabin fever. I’ve missed the past social nudism events with my group, the Ottawa Naturists, because the weather has conspired against me — I live 200 kilometres away, so travelling there in blowing snow is not an option. Hopefully, I will be reunited with them this weekend.

I so miss soaking in the hot tub with my new friends in that group. In fact, I was thinking today that soaking in the hot tub is one of my favourite social nudism activities, both for the soothing pleasure of the soak and the chats I have with people in the tub. I also loved going to Oka Beach with my friend Ted last summer, and of course I love to sit by the lake in the shade of trees, watching the rippling water and listening to the sounds of Mother Nature’s silence.

What about you? What are your favourite social nudism activities (i.e. with others, not alone)?

Please share . . .