Nudism/Naturism: Social activities

We are in the midst of another “polar vortex” deep freeze here in the land of the ice and snow, and I am coming down with cabin fever. I’ve missed the past social nudism events with my group, the Ottawa Naturists, because the weather has conspired against me — I live 200 kilometres away, so travelling there in blowing snow is not an option. Hopefully, I will be reunited with them this weekend.

I so miss soaking in the hot tub with my new friends in that group. In fact, I was thinking today that soaking in the hot tub is one of my favourite social nudism activities, both for the soothing pleasure of the soak and the chats I have with people in the tub. I also loved going to Oka Beach with my friend Ted last summer, and of course I love to sit by the lake in the shade of trees, watching the rippling water and listening to the sounds of Mother Nature’s silence.

What about you? What are your favourite social nudism activities (i.e. with others, not alone)?

Please share . . .


15 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Social activities

  1. Warm enough here in the Sacramento area that we all played Pickleball naked this morning. Bizarre, for late January. 78 degrees F at the moment.


  2. In the winter I do occasionally meet with friends at their house, but in the warmer months April to October my favourite activity, is to go walking naturist walking with a group. Typically the walks are around 10 or 11miles long. In good weaqther there maybe twenty five or more walkers, generally there are usually at least fifteen.


  3. When I was living in Malmö, Skåne, Sweden, in the late autumn, winter and early spring months I’d go to the sessions of the Svanrevet naturist club at the Burlövsbadet swimming pool in Burlöv. There my favourite activity was the Swedish classic of the sauna, for similar reasons to yours for liking the hot tub.

    Now I am back in England, though the club that I am a member of (“Oaklands Sun Club, Leicester”: the name of the club and my surname are purely coincidental, but caused some amusement when I joined) is open all year around, I am primarily a fair weather naturist, and have only gone there on warm sunny days. When I am there it is good to sunbathe on the lawn, chatting with folk, taking the occasional swim in the pool, and going for walks in the woodland. Apart from social evenings (why do naturists have a thing about fancy dress parties?) I am not actually sure of what else happens during the winter months at the club. Perhaps I ought to find out!


  4. Im a fulltime nudist. Retired US military, so i can enjoy life now. I have an recreational vehicle which is my home. I travel with the seasons my winter home is a nudist camp in Phoenix Arizona. In the spring i travel north towards Washington State and my summer home Kaniksu. I travel via California and Oregon stopping as i please sight seeing and visiting friends and family. Living my dream.


    1. That sounds lovely. I do some nude modelling, too, but not outdoors — yet? What happens if you are posing and a mosquito or some other sort of biting insect lands on you? Do you break the pose — or bear it?


      1. Well, I’ve only done one complete session outdoors (it was last month, in 45 degree temps! I’ve got a post on it). I didn’t have to worry about bugs, but I did have to put up with the cold for over 2 hours. I managed to get in my zone and not get too distracted by it. If I HAD gotten a bug on me, I would have dealt with it, because it’s not like drawings or paintings where you need to be perfectly still to prevent screwing up the artwork.

        When it comes to posing for artists, I’m very much like a statue, I don’t move, no matter what. My ability to hold still is partly why I get to keep coming back to model 🙂


      2. The cold must have been tough to deal with!

        I posed for a drawings workshop indoors last October, so I had to be perfectly still. Maybe when doing similar outdoor modeling sessions, it would be smart for the organizers to have someone on the watch for bugs landing on the model, who would shoo them off . . .


      3. I had, remarkably, gotten used to the cold. I was afraid that I would “look cold” in the pictures, but it didn’t turn out to be too bad. I didn’t realize how cold I was until I got in the car and warmed up, indeed my body had forgotten what being warm felt like!


  5. Playing doubles tennis, friendly volleyball games, frisbee. Have even played softball once or twice. In larger clubs, nature walks, the ones in New England are the ones I am most familiar with.
    Pool volleyball too


  6. Look at
    On the south shore of Montreal… quite near compared to Ottawa !


    1. Thank you for this, Gordon. Looks interesting. I’m partial to Ottawa, though, because I have friends there and I love the area. But the spa in Varennes might be nice to check out, too.


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