A followup to my “Sexy lyrics” post, with Valentine’s Day in mind (because the blessed day is not far off now) . . .

Red wine can be a very sexy beverage, oui? In the right setting, of course, i.e. a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Or in the bedroom. One lover in my past took the “cheers to us” toast one (long) step further: he taught me to combine wine with a very sensual kiss . . . “Fill your mouth with wine,” he told me in a sexy euro voice, lying on his back, “press your lips to mine and let me drink from you.”

Whoooooo . . . very hot . . . I love it! I suppose you could do the same thing with lemonade or even water, but somehow I don’t think it would seem quite so sexy.

How about you? What foods and beverage do you find particularly sexy? What might you be indulging in — and how — with a lover on Valentine’s Day?

Hint: Think spaghetti in that famous Disney movie with the dogs . . . indeed, name that movie? Think romance . . .