Sexy foods and beverages (re-instated)


A followup to my “Sexy lyrics” post, with Valentine’s Day in mind (because the blessed day is not far off now) . . .

Red wine can be a very sexy beverage, oui? In the right setting, of course, i.e. a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Or in the bedroom. One lover in my past took the “cheers to us” toast one (long) step further: he taught me to combine wine with a very sensual kiss . . . “Fill your mouth with wine,” he told me in a sexy euro voice, lying on his back, “press your lips to mine and let me drink from you.”

Whoooooo . . . very hot . . . I love it! I suppose you could do the same thing with lemonade or even water, but somehow I don’t think it would seem quite so sexy.

How about you? What foods and beverage do you find particularly sexy? What might you be indulging in — and how — with a lover on Valentine’s Day?

Hint: Think spaghetti in that famous Disney movie with the dogs . . . indeed, name that movie? Think romance . . .


14 thoughts on “Sexy foods and beverages (re-instated)

  1. Something like a merlot rather than a lip puckering Bordeaux I would imagine for those who want to try the wine trick…

    I find it best to organise Valentine’s day lunch in a restaurant with another long term couple, our table will be full of laughter and chat whilst all the couples around us will be sitting in silence. Not sexy at all but a great lunch, already booked.


      1. Then there’s the question of coordination: have to be careful how much you gently slip into your lover’s mouth, or risk choking if not actual drowning. Very embarrassing way to die.


      2. Clearly I don’t indulge in sexual antics – or sex – or any other such foolishness. All that getting sweaty, and sticky, and *shudder* touching other people.


  2. Well, your post reminded me of a rather sensual thing my wife and I used to do. Much like your sharing wine mouth to mouth with your lover we, being scotch lovers, would do something the same with a mouthful of scotch, but rather than mouth to mouth, it was during oral sex for both her and me. Now mind you scotch on those sensitive areas, as in the inside of your mouth, does produce a warm tingling feeling and combined the physical stimulation, the result is quite pleasant indeed. The challenge for the givee, of course, is to not to spill any and not to drink any either. You also get quite tipsy too, since you do pass quite a bit of air through the scotch while you are giving head. To this very day, every time I have scotch, I’m taken back to that sweet memory of scotch combined with the taste of a woman. Ahhhh…. (hope this isn’t too graphic for you Jill.)


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