Nudism/Naturism: Resorts

We haven’t spoken much here about nudist/naturist resorts. But I’m betting there are a lot of people from Quebec, Ontario and other northern places — which are experiencing a bitter winter this year — who are at the very least dreaming now of escaping to nudist resorts in warm countries. It’s probably too late for those of us who didn’t book time off from work to escape our igloos this winter, but maybe the frigid lessons learned this winter will have us planning to get the heck out of here next winter — for a while, at least.

So, keeping us pale-bodied (re: snow white) northerners — including people from the New England states — in mind, please recommend some nudist resorts in warm, sunny countries that we can escape to during our cold winter months. Resort owners are welcome to plug their establishments.



10 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Resorts

  1. Palm Springs, CA has Terra Cotta Inn, always warm. This winter is especially cold. When my husband and I got married Feb. 5, 1994, it was plenty warm at Cypress Cove, the Cadillac of nudist resorts on the east coast of the US in Kissimmee. It’s a bit cooler right now.


  2. There are some nice places in Saint Martin, Jamaica, Guadeloupe and Martinique. If you can hold out, Florida gets warmer in March. If you have a lot of extra cash hanging around, there is always Australia and New Zealand.


  3. There is Club Orient in St. Martin, a number of places in Jamaica , and I have heard of some in Martinique and Guadeloupe. Of course, if money is no object, you can go to Brazil, New Zealand, Australia , Hawaii or Tahiti.


  4. Well, ahem. Im trying hard not to smirk. I am a snowbird. A naked full time naturist/nudist climate refugee. I hail from Spokane, Washington, that’s the extreme NE corner of the state. I’m currently in Shangri la Ranch nudist club. That’s right outside Phoenix, Arizona. Weather is sunny and warm. Lots of snowbirds here from Canada, and most northern states. Tons of activities pickle ball, water volleyballdances and karaoke. Check it out its a AANR Club.


  5. There are a couple in Mexico I can recommend. Hidden Beach Resort which is a upscale place and Playa Sonrisa which is kind of rustic. It all depends on your pregerence. I have nbeen to both.


  6. I’m another snowbird. I’m wintering at Glen Eden Sun Club in Corona, California. The weather here has been warm and dry which is great for people like me, but California is experiencing quite a drought.


  7. Although its been mentioned above, you really need to consider a trip to Club Orient in St Martin. After trying a few resorts, which were all enjoyable, we find that “Club O” suits us best. Great beach, warm water, lots to do on the island if thats what you’re looking for, or you can just stay on-site and do as little as you like. Friendly people. Easy to start up a conversation, or keep to yourself to catch up on your reading. It’s family oriented, so don’t go there if you’re expecting a Vegas-like experience. Go with the person that you love to be with. Do your research. Checked out the Tripadvisor reviews and the Club Orient website – . The guest return rate is over 80% with many people returning year after year. That all being said, your time there is what you make it. It’s the perfect setting for you to enjoy being alive and to share that gift.


  8. I’m replying to the comment made by Scott to visit the 2 clubs that are less than G-rated, family friendly. They are no longer AANR or TNS affiliated. Feel free to email me for explanation.


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