And chocolate toothpaste, too!

Set to the music of Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit . . .

I wonder if this will be remembered as a week of surreal announcements?

At first I thought the host on CHOM-FM last night might have been brushing his teeth with, umm, alternative substances when he announced on-air that Crest is introducing chocolate-flavoured toothpaste. But a google search confirmed his story: “Procter & Gamble said Tuesday it is launching a line of Crest toothpastes called “Be” that featuring nontraditional flavors including Mint Chocolate Trek, Vanilla Mint Spark and Lime Spearmint Zest,” according to an Associated Press report on several sites, including the San Jose Mercury News (yes, I read them all).

Hey, far out! I’ll try the toothpaste . . .

But then there was Justin Trudeau’s surreal announcement on Wednesday that he is cutting loose senators formerly known as Liberals (he says they will now be independent and have no affiliation with elected Liberal MPs in the House of Commons), and now I’m wondering about his toothpaste. I’ll have some of his, too, please . . .

Yes, yes, go ask Alice . . .


One thought on “And chocolate toothpaste, too!

  1. I’m sure that our dear young friend Justin brushes his teeth with the finest BC bud. I really do think that we should lose our House of (not so) sober second thought (pass at the trough)


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