Do you think “they” will ever have technology that will enable “them” to mind-read? Do you think it has already been invented? And who exactly are “they”?

One more question: Do people already have the innate ability to eavesdrop on the unexpressed thoughts of others, without any form of gadgetry?

These thoughts have preoccupied me for the past day or two. I’ve been thinking about how the Internet brings people together from all over the world, and marveling at how I can write about, say, Nigeria in a Gazette blog post and people in that country are reading my thoughts just moments after I press the “publish” button, way up here in the Great White North. It’s wizardry, yes, deep magic . . .

Smiles . . .

Of course, it’s not exactly mind-reading, though it is reading the thoughts on my mind (but I digress). I still have to express my thoughts in writing or vocalize them somehow. And despite the wild west nature of the Internet, we still have to be careful about what we say, i.e. an idle threat or bomb joke could bring the police to your door. We know that intelligence agents in most countries are constantly monitoring the Internet for potential threats to the security of nations and their people.

But what if these intelligence agents could hear your thoughts before you have vocalized or written them? What if technology came along that allowed everyone to read minds? Imagine what your boss might think and do if/when he or she “hears” you thinking that he or she is a jerk . . .

I know that some occultists and spiritualists feel we can already read minds, to a point. I’m thinking they might be on to something. Why? Well, when a handsome hunk was checking out my legs the other day and smiling at me, I knew what he was thinking. I could hear it loud and clear: “I would!” I think many women can relate to that, yes?

Mais, oui!

There are other times I’ve felt I can read someone’s thoughts, and I was right about what they were thinking. Perhaps it was telepathy. I think we do have some innate ability to read minds, to a point: we can’t prove it, unless the other person verifies it. And who is going to verify to their boss that, yes, you were thinking that he or she is a jerk?

I think the technology will be invented, though, that will enable people to read minds. And then the world is going to get very weird because, you know, every unexpressed thought, every fantasy, every secret will be heard. There will be no secrets, no privacy. Everyone will be an open book without writing or vocalizing a single word . . . Gee, wasn’t that prophesized to happen by some spiritual sage long ago?

(Theme from the Twilight Zone plays as the curtain closes on this post.)

— Jillian