Hmm . . . File this one under “Déjà vu” . . .

The GMA Network has a report from Reuters saying thousands of demonstrators are gathering in Paris and Lyon today to protest against . . . gay marriage? No, this is not an old news report from last year, when thousands of people were hyped up by clergypeople and others and took to the avenues to stage violent, hateful protests against equal rights for same-sex couples. Today’s report is dated Sunday, February 2, 2014.

So, are the protesters caught in a time warp? Did they not get the news that same-sex marriage is legal in France now? That they lost their bigoted attempt to dictate the parameters of love and relationships between consenting adults?

Personally, I can’t believe I’m even reporting this today, and am wondering about the fried mushrooms we had for breakfast. Is this the beginning of another surreal week — ’cause, you know, it seems to be the time of the season for surreal news (as regular readers of my Gazette blog have seen in some of last week’s items).

Sigh . . .

According to the Reuters report:

President François Hollande’s government has dismissed speculation that it plans to increase access to medically-assisted procreation and surrogacy for gay couples – which is nonetheless one of the protest themes.

The introduction of an “Equality ABC” program to French elementary schools has also spawned outrage among traditionalists, amid internet rumors that small children are to be taught gender theory.

The protests are organized by “Demonstration for All”, a right-wing umbrella group that emerged in response to the gay marriage law, passed last year.

And this:

The protests come amid heightened tensions over an upsurge in racist incidents that have blighted French public life and drawn condemnation from across the parliamentary spectrum.

I am so glad that my ancestors left France.