Applause for CSEC and CSIS

So, Canada’s Communications Security Establishment is not spying on Canadians, says a Canadian Press report, among others, reporting on a Senate committee hearing today. Do you believe that? Actually, I do believe it. At least, I don’t think they are spying on most Canadians, even if they pick up some incidental information on us now and then.

In truth, I wouldn’t really care if CSEC and/or CSIS spied on me. I mean, if they want to listen in to my partner and me cooing to each other, they are more than welcome to. Of course, they’re not interested; they’re not peeping Toms. If they do spy on anybody in Canada, I would think it is for security reasons, i.e. to protect you and me and everybody else in this country and beyond.

We should applaud them for working on our behalf. We probably have no idea of the number of great saves they have made and their many contributions to international intelligence gathering in a post-9/11 world. Indeed, they may have saved your life already. They work behind the scenes . . . unsung heroes.


In loving memory of the spy who loved me.

5 thoughts on “Applause for CSEC and CSIS

  1. That statement s probably true. However what has not been mentioned is that the Canadians get the British, Americans, Australians etc to do the spying on their behalf. So yes they can say they do not spy on their own people.

    The big danger is when all this information is used for the wrong purposes. As for terrorism a real terrorist would not use the internet, credit cards or cell phone.

    Sadly the name of the game is misinformation, lies and coverups. Someone recently wrote that all new born babies in Europe were to be identity chipped as from 2014. Thousands of people believed it.


  2. Hmmm, you are one of the few people who can use that James Bond title for real. Perhaps its given you a rosy view of the Canadian Security Establishment, but the fact that a left-over hippy like yourself can have that speaks well for the late gentlemen. More importantly, hugs to you. I know, despite the wonders of your current relationship, it still gives you pain. That does not diminish your feelings for your current paramour, but is a tribute to the past one. Will raise a glass to him for what he did for you.


  3. I know they’re not spying on me because if they were, they would have sent someone over to help me when I was struggling with the ice storm cleanup!



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