Brave new world: Predictions?

I’ve been thinking that one way to reduce the amount of crime on the planet would be to implant microchips in every human, with satellites tracking and keeping records of our every move. So, when a crime is committed, investigators could easily find out who was at the scene and committed the act. Of course, there are other “benefits” of such technology: nobody would ever be lost for long. I’m sure that such technology will be used in the not-too-distant future . . . That’s my fearless prediction, anyway.

How about you? Polish off your crystal ball and tell us what you see in mankind’s future, technological or otherwise. Do you think they will ever get flying automobiles off the ground? How about beam-me-up-Scotty technology? Gawd, wouldn’t it be great if we could “teletransport” ourselves from, say, Montreal to L.A. in a second?


4 thoughts on “Brave new world: Predictions?

  1. I think that in the next 20 years the biggest change will be the loss of privacy. Even today far too many companies know way too much about you. They are not stealing this info, people are giving it up readily for services that these companies/governments provide. We will begin to see the implantation of security and communication chips in our bodies. This is why I changed my avatar to a picture of a flower. I discovered an avatar of me naked, come up just as I was surfing on some commercial site. We got to start being way more careful with our images. BTW, flying cars are already in the works, quasi teleportation devices are also being worked on (not for living things, but for products)


  2. If the machine cannot send you to a better destination why bother building it?

    Humans do too much screaming about an overcrowded planet, few seem content to be where they actually live…

    The chips are closer to being possible than the teleported and some humans will find a way to abuse a large proportion of the population by using the information just like a handful own most of the world resources…

    Freedom is just self delusion.


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