What if medical science invented an anti-aging drug that was able to slow the aging process so that you could live to, say, 1,000. By slowing the aging process, a lot of illnesses associated with old age — like Alzheimer’s disease — would be delayed, too. But other diseases and illnesses would still exist, so there is no guarantee that you would live to 1,000, just as there is no guarantee today that you will live to 100. Indeed, the only thing the anti-aging drug would affect is the aging process as we know it today.

By taking the drug, you would still have to work for a living, and would have to push back your retirement date, to say, 950.

But taking the drug would be voluntary. You could decline, and live a “normal” lifetime as we know it now, 3 score and 10, plus whatever you manage to squeak out after that.

The question: Would you take the anti-aging drug? Or would you decline? Explain why in either case.