I see a communal hot tub in my immediate future . . . tonight! And I need it so much. It has been a long, stressful week, and a long, stressful winter. I have so missed attending social nudism events with my naturists group recently because of bad weather, but this weekend is forecast to be bright and clear.

I’ve also been thinking about the big soak this week — retirement — or at least, life after working in the newspaper industry.  I’m not planning to leave it just yet — I’m too young, well, too poor, to retire (because we’re never too young to retire if we’re rolling in cash, yes?). But as the industry shrinks and retrenches, I’m seeing that I may need to do something else with my life (besides write blogs) in two or three years.

Let’s see now . . . . Movie star? Model?

Earth to Jillian . . .

Perhaps I’ll work with an advocacy group, similar to GLAAD or All Out? I dunno. But I think those types of organizations could benefit from having a journalist in their ranks. There is probably not a lot of money to be made in that line of work, but it has its rewards — their causes are close to my heart, as regular readers of my blogs know.

Anyway, confronting the thought of “retirement” is a little daunting because, I guess, it also means accepting that we are getting older, and that it is the 60s all over again, this time without the apostrophe. I flatly reject the “senior” word. No “senior’s” discounts for me. OK, maybe when I’m 90 . . . and that seems so long from now . . . three decades . .

Speaking of the ’60s, with the apostrophe: A colleague mentioned to me yesterday that his young son was listening to a Beatles feature on CHOM, about their psychedelic years, and asked his dad what “LSD” is?

“Acid!” I said. “Gee, I wonder if they still make that stuff?  I’d love to try it again . . .”

My colleague laughed: “Grow up!”

“Never!” said I.

Smiles . . .

You see. My mind is more in the ’60s than the 60s. And age is a state of mind, right?

Which means I have about 45 years to go before retirement . . .

Far out, eh?

Strawberry Fields forever!

Happy weekend, everyone!

Peace and love