Sigh . . . Oh, Quebec . . . Sometimes I wonder just how dumb the politicians think we citizens are . . .

You gotta know the Quebec Liberals are desperate when they side with former Parti Québécois (separatist) leader Jacques Parizeau, who has written a column saying he’s worried about Quebec’s economic future, and that we are all living beyond our means.

Gee, ya think? But why do the Liberals feel they have to ride piggyback on Mr. Parizeau to take pot shots at the PQ? Couldn’t they have come up with their own financial-ceiling-is-falling line of thought, like the CAQ did?

Sorry, I don’t buy the Liberal line. Sure, the financial situation is weak in Quebec. But to blame it on the PQ after nine years of Liberal rule?


Surely they must have known how the PQ would respond, yes? I mean . . .

As CJAD is reporting:

Jean-Francois Lisée, the international relations minister, blames nine years of Quebec Liberal misrule for the province’s economic situation. “They dismantled fiscal credits for innovation that put us behind,” Lisée says. “They let corruption go rampant and hike our costs for infrastructure. They dismantled Investment Quebec…whose work it was to bring foreign investment to Quebec.”

As for Mr. Parizeau, Gazette columnist Don Macpherson has this to say:

The 83-year-old Parizeau, who has broken with current PQ leader Pauline Marois over her passivity on sovereignty and has recently supported the rival sovereignist fringe party Option nationale, was up to his old tricks again on Monday.

Oy . . . such tangled webs these politicians weave. Meanwhile, we taxpayers pay through the nose and get deeper in debt, no matter which political party rules.

Yes, Jacques Parizeau is right when he says the province needs some shock therapy to make things better. But to expect the PQ — or anyone else — to do it in short order is a pipedream. Capitalism is imploding around the world. No one political party is going to fix it.

But, hey, if we’re going to dream . . . how about all the creditors writing off all the debt, and letting us all start over again with clean balance sheets? Cause it’s only numbers on paper, right? Wouldn’t that be the patriotic thing to do? Wouldn’t that be the brotherly love approach? Why should so many people suffer while so few profit, especially while the few profiting are already living high on the hog? (But I digress, revolutionary that I am.)

Yes, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, apparently . . .

With love to John Lennon . . .

– Jillian

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