Wanted: Smartphone info (for dummies like me)

Everybody in the industrialized world probably has a smartphone by now, except for me. But I am looking into it, because I want to be able to read The Gazette on it. And maybe send some text messages. And email. But can I actually write blog posts on it? I dunno . . . I know some people read my blog on their smartphones.

I don’t know where to begin . . . I need advice.

Help!!!! Blonde in distress . . .

Tell me about the practical uses of smartphones in your life. Emails? Text messages? Do you read your local newspaper on it? Do you read my blog on your smartphone? Do you use it to search for recipes when you are in the grocery store?

Which smartphones do you recommend? Apple or Windows?

Any tips would be appreciated.



8 thoughts on “Wanted: Smartphone info (for dummies like me)

  1. I have both Motorola Razri and iPhone5 and the iPhone gets much more use and works well with my iPad exchanging things. It does all you mentioned, no problem— as android phones will do too.


  2. You’re not the only one. I’ve kind of missed that boat as well, but of what little I do know is that even more so than normal in the mobile world, windows is not the OS to go for, and Linux is providing a viable, and successful, alternative. The two main choices are between Android and Apple.


  3. I’m in the same boat as you. My struggle is to get something big enough that I can read without reading glasses. The tablets and note pads are big enough, but don’t have all the phone functionality. I would presume that you would want something with a keyboard too, unless you will be comfortable with a touch screen.


  4. Android has the largest share of the smartphone market by a long way (80%) and Samsung has the biggest share of the Android market, though there are plenty of other Android players, like Sony (where I used to work on Android in Lund, Sweden, back in the days when it was Sony Ericsson). If you want a bigger screen there are what they call “phablets” (like the Samsung Galaxy Note series, or the Sony Xperia Ultra series) sort of half way between being a phone and a tablet. Android phones run the Chrome web browser from Google like you can get on your PC. I use my Sony Xperia T smartphone for email, web browsing, and Android Apps like the BBC news and weather, Outlook email, Facebook, Twitter. My smartphone is not a complete substitute for my Windows laptop. I still need that. I wouldn’t bother with a Windows smartphone at the moment. They may get more market share eventually, but personally I think that Nokia (bought out my Microsoft) have missed the smartphone “boat” and are in terminal decline. (A shame. I worked for them once, too.) You might consider a Windows 8 tablet but it won’t have the phone capabilities of an iPhone or Android smartphone.


  5. Android and iPhone will both do everything you want to do. No problem there. Flip a coin…


    Cellphone data is expensive in Canada. Data roaming charges are obscene.

    The screens are small, and touch screen keyboards can be a challenge to one’s dexterity.

    Battery life can be marginal.

    I have an Android phone. It works fine, though after two years the battery life isn’t what it once was. I refuse to have data on it. If I can’t do it on WiFi, I don’t need to do it. 🙂


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