A Valentine’s Day mystery

Today when I arrived at work, I found flowers awaiting me, with a card saying “For you and Maggie” and signed “H B.”

Hmm . . . H B? Who is the mysterious H B?

Whoever the romantic soul (and I have a suspect in mind) is who sent me the flowers, he or she has added something very special to my day . . . but the mystery is killing me!

Smiles . . .

The flowers are lovely. Thank you so much. Consider yourself hugged and kissed.

Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all.

Love and kisses

— Jillian

2 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day mystery

  1. It was cold outside with ice/snow still on the ground. My husband wore a Pet Rescue tie (I gave him for his 12/31 birthday). He looked great and his health is much better. We ate a late lunch and didn’t feel like dinner before going to religious services and then out for milk shakes. With our weather, I could not go out to buy him a card, but I did have a very pretty card that was blank inside. When we got home and turned on the news, we found out that there was a 4.1 earthquake an hr. away from us. We didn’t even feel a rumble. Not sure why.


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