The way to a woman’s heart is with flowers. Sure, diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re more about winning hearts. Flowers are about touching hearts, whether it be a happy occasion or a sad one.

I’m sure a florist could give us a wonderful discourse on the psychology of giving flowers. I could look it up on Wikipedia, and quote from the writers there. But I’d rather just speak from personal experience . . .

Like yesterday, for example. In my preceding post, I wrote about arriving at work yesterday and finding flowers  — two roses and a spray of tiny white flowers and greenery in a long-stemmed vase — awaiting me, sent by a mysterious H B for “you and Maggie.” Yes, they brightened my day, big time! They made me feel so special, and I was so touched by the gesture.

But I wasn’t the only one who was affected by them. Some of my female colleagues stopped by my desk, with comments like this: “Oh, somebody sent you flowers on Valentine’s Day! So nice . . . I wish my husband/partner would buy me flowers. He never does . . . thinks it’s silly . . . doesn’t like the idea of cutting them . . . ”

Yes, at least a few of them were envious. One even suggested, good-naturedly, that I had sent them to myself in an effort to make all the other “girls” jealous.

And when I brought them home last night, my partner Maggie oohed and awed when she saw them. Yes, her heart was touched by these flowers and, by extension, this man’s classy gesture on Valentine’s Day.

So nice . . .

It’s not the first time somebody has sent me flowers, or brought them to me in person. I’ll never forget the first meeting with my late partner, Rick. He was holding flowers  . . .

And yesterday wasn’t the first time someone sent flowers to me at work. One gentleman didn’t sign the card, leaving me to wonder about secret admirers and such. Who sent them? But when I received an email from a good friend asking me if anything unusual happened at work that day, I figured it out pretty quickly. Smiles. He said he sent them “just because . . .”

And it didn’t take me too long to figure out who sent them yesterday. No, it wasn’t the same man. But his motive was the same. He just wanted to brighten my day . . . and show his appreciation because I make him smile. And because it was Valentine’s Day! Yes, Maggie and I will be seeing him soon, and you know he is going to get two big hugs at the outset.

There is much to be said about flower power, whether they are growing in a field, sitting on my dining room table, or clipped to my hair. And there is much to be said for those who give them.