First, thanks to all who offered suggestions and advice in response to my Smartphones for Dummies post.

And, yes, Caroline, you may very well now be the last person in the civilized world who uses a phone that is just a phone . . .

I’ve upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy Mega (Android) phone, with a 6.3″ screen. It’s almost a tablet. I will be able to write blog posts on it, which was a key consideration. And, yes, I will be able to make phone calls with it, too. And send text messages . . . and maybe even beam myself up to another planet or something.

Rogers — a major service provider in Canada — has some great deals on now, in which you can combine your services with them and get one total usage allowance, i.e. 6 GB a month for a mobile Internet (Rocket) laptop stick and smartphone combined. So, I’m getting triple the GB per month I had before . . . at basically the same price I’ve been paying for my old flip phone and Internet stick.

So, it’s all good . . . I just have to learn how to use the Smartphone. It will arrive next week sometime.


— Jillian