I guess I lucked out with the Ottawa Naturists club — it has a good ratio of males and females, and I have yet to come across one member (it has more than 100) who has said or done anything inappropriate. There are no leering, gawking men. People seem to live up to the naturism code at their social nudism events.

As regular readers know, it is the first and only naturists’ club I have been involved with, so I am truly blessed. I also use their organization as a benchmark, I suppose. But I think you all know I am a novice in naturism, and I am learning from all of you who take the time to comment here. I am quite impressed with your comments to the preceding post on The male-female ratio issue, and to all the other posts, too.

As for being gawked at, well, I am something of an exhibitionist, and I don’t mind if men (and women) admire my body. (My g/f threatens to paint the mirrors black in this house.) I also do some nude modelling for artists, who are dressed, because I like to be on that stage. I experienced some gawking when I was at Oka Beach last summer, but nobody was over the top with it. They looked, maybe they admired, and they got on with their day. One or two flirted, but they were kind and polite. No big deal . . . I was flattered.

Mostly, though, males in social nudism situations I’ve experienced do not swarm the women. They don’t even flirt. They are gentleman there to simply enjoy the naturism experience.

However, would I be uncomfortable being the only woman in a setting with 50 men? Smiles . . . Maybe . . . Smiles again . . . Maybe not (winks) . . .

Again, though, my experience is limited, which is why I appreciate your more experienced views.

Remember that you are helping to raise awareness here — and doing a good job of it.

So, keep up the discussion. It’s great.