Hockey: We are the champions!


Smiles . . . Everything is right with the world for the people of Canada after our men’s hockey team totally dominated the Swedes to win the gold medal in Sochi this morning. An amazing stat: the men’s hockey team only allowed three goals in the whole tournament. They won today 3-0.

This follows a come-from-behind victory by our women’s team over the United States for the gold medal last week.

Once again, Canada has shown that when it comes to hockey, we are THE world power.

Indeed, we are the champions of the world . . .

Am I gloating?

Smiles . . .


I’m so proud!


8 thoughts on “Hockey: We are the champions!

  1. Congratulations! I have friends in Skane (the south-west “county” in Sweden) who are not so happy, but that is sport for you. You Canadians beat Team GB for the gold in the men’s’ curling, too, but I think Canada will be celebrating the ice hockey gold more.


  2. What?! Again?! Is it worth anyone else turning up, although it wasn’t quite as one-sided as the men’s curling. What’s the prospect for wearing the mantle of your country’s ice hockey superiority with a bit more modesty? Finland whupping the US amused more.

    Just sayin’.

    PS. How good is Canada at tiddly-winks?


  3. Congradulations and well done. It reminded me of many years ago while I was at John Taylor Collegiate in Winnipeg in ’68. One of my teachers there was Marshall Johnston who had played hockey for the Canadian Olympic team in ’64 and Capt of it in ’68 when they won a bronze medal in Grenoble. He left after a year to turn pro– was with the Canadiens in ’71 for a short time. In 1998 he was inducted into the International Hockey Hall of Fame. None of his bio’s ever mention his time teaching at John Taylor. I wonder if the current staff/ students are aware of him today?


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