One from the smartphone

Good morning,dear readers. I am trying out my new smartphone by writing this post. It’s a miracle that I have got this far with it. Well, it might be easier if I wasn’t still in bed. Still, it works well, albeit I am still pretty slow.

Thank God I got the 6.3-inch screen!

Thanks to all who offered advice abput smartphones. They are fun, yes?



11 thoughts on “One from the smartphone

    1. I worked until midnight last night, got to bed at 2. Am off today . . . time for coffee . . . alas, no one here to bring it to me in bed, so I’ll have to get up and make it myself . . . pouts . . .


  1. It is good to know that the Galaxy is doing what you want it to do.

    I agree that smart-phones are fun, and they also keep me in gainful employment, which is even better.

    Working until midnight sounds a bit drastic. I hope it was worth it. I hope you [have] enjoy[ed] your day off.

    Happy Bare: I always thought Mayo was in Ireland, and Buckingham was in Buckinghamshire, England. Interesting how many “old world” names got transferred to the “new world”. A web site for a garlic farm sounds like a challenge!


    1. Marcus, My city’s (Montreal) flag is a white field with the following symbols in each quadrant, the Fleur-de-lys, the rose of Lancaster, the thistle and the shamrock. Everyone here except for the native Indians, has come from somewhere else. Canada is a mosaic of many cultures and it is reflected in our place names. Somehow we all get along.


      1. The native people also came from somewhere else, just 10,000 years or so before the rest of us. And true we all get along, except for when we don’t. As for the Montreal flag, they are going to add a rising red stripe to it for the state of our finances, plus some handcuffs in the center for our “leadership.”


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