Uganda, Nigeria et al

In case you’re wondering, I have done several posts in my Gazette blog about the situation in Uganda, Nigeria et al. I’m not going to post them all here. If you are interested in reading them, go to Turning the Page. If you want to comment on some of them, you can do so here, to this post.

I’ve also done a post in Turning the Page pointing readers back to the “Nudism/Naturism: Visible minorities” entry in this blog, so look for more conversation on the subject.



2 thoughts on “Uganda, Nigeria et al

  1. I think we should boycott Uganda until their “crime against humanity” is repealed. I suppose we can only be thankful that they didn’t actually go as far as invoking the death penalty, as they were considering! African states are interested in us in “the West” for one thing: our aid money. I think it fair to say if they want our money then they accept our “Western” values of equality for all. The BBC has claimed that “the bill has been pushed by some US evangelical Christians” ( If that is the case then, if they can be identified, they should also be ostracised. They are not part of civilised society, but are attempting to perpetrate their bigotry on a global scale, and it is not acceptable.


    1. If the claim by BBC is true, then we should send those knuckle-draggers back Uganda and let them live in the muck that they have created. Oh and while we’re at it let’s send some ruskies and croats there too.


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