Reflections on a snowy Saturday morning

A moody Quebec morning: The view outside my bedroom window today. (Photo: Jillian Page)
A moody Quebec morning: The view outside my bedroom window today.

As the snow falls outside my window on this Saturday morn, it’s a time of reflection before the day begins. It is during moments like these that I remember the miracle of life, that we humans and everything that exists have appeared seemingly out of nothing, and that we may be destined to return to nothing . . . which makes me wonder about the nature of “nothingness” and whether nothing is really something after all.

Oh, poor old metaphysical me . . . Smiles . . . I won’t go there, for now.

I am reminded today how we humans most often take our lives and this beautiful planet for granted, and how we allow fussing and fighting to obscure the miracle of life, and how our lives can end in an instant in myriad ways. Surely we should be trying to make the most of every moment, but we don’t. We forget the miracle . . .

“Isn’t it a pity, isn’t it a shame . . .”

I wonder if the human race will eventually emerge from its current adolescent stage and mature, or will self-destruct. How is it that so many are bent on destroying the miracle of life for others? How have we come to the point that one man or woman could press a button and obliterate the miracle for everyone?

Yet, the beat goes on, and the new day has begun. There’s shopping to do, new dresses to pick up at the Sears catalogue order counter, dinner to prepare, wine to sip with my beloved Maggie, cuddling on the sofa while we watch Heartbeat tonight, then more moments of reflection as I drift off into the netherlands that immediately precede sleep . . .

Such is life, yes?, from the netherlands of waking to the netherlands of sleeping . . .

Merrily, merrily, and not-so merrily, life is but a dream?

One day at a time, Jillian . . . one day at a time.

Have a great weekend, dear friends.

— Jillian

P.S. Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone. I’ve had to reduce it in size for this post; the white haze you see is actually light snow falling.

5 thoughts on “Reflections on a snowy Saturday morning

  1. March roars in like a lion. Perhaps next year you and your friend might want to think of an escape to a warm tropical isle and do a human interest story for your paper to justify it. 🙂


  2. Perhaps next year you and Maggie can spend a few days on a tropical isle reflecting on sun and warm water rather than on snowflakes. Maybe do a human interest story to keep your bosses at the paper happy. 🙂


  3. Perhaps the origin of religion and/or philosophy is a snowy Saturday morn when the species had time on its hands to reflect on where we are coming from, where we are going to, and what we should do in between? We can never know the answers – partly because our finite brains, though the best we know of, can’t take in the reality of times and distances measured in billions, whatever the units. Also because we look for “reasons” that do not necessarily exist. That is why we have resorted to postulating a pantheon of deities to fill in the gaps of our ignorance, because we have a morbid fear of admitting that we simply don’t know.

    The miracle is that we each have “now” to make the most of. We have no idea how long we shall be able to appreciate it. We all know that we have memories that tell us there was a time when we were not aware. We have earliest memories, most of us when we were 2-3 years old, when we were first aware. We anticipate that the day will come when we are no longer truly aware. I for one dread that such a thing might happen before my life is done, and that I would be a burden to those I love that would be left to care for the shell that remains.

    We have amazing brains that, when working as they should, are capable of enjoying life to the full. While we are each aware of having that capacity we should rejoice in it, and share our rejoicing with those that are near and dear to us. The cuddles, the wine sips, even the TV dramas, are to be savoured.

    One day our species will likely reach extinction as the vast majority of the species that have existed so far have done. Whether we will manage to craft our own destruction early through our own folly, or whether we shall manage to evade that fate by spreading ourselves through our galaxy by our own wisdom, we as individuals – hopefully – will never know. (If we do, it will because our folly will have outstripped our wisdom.)

    We should not be so arrogant as to think that our species cannot evolve any further… that we have reached the pinnacle of what is possible.

    We as individuals should strive to enjoy each and every moment give to us; should strive to enjoy each and every person that we come into contact with (either in the flesh or across cyberspace – which has broadened our boundaries beyond our ancestors’ wildest dreams); should strive to bring joy to the lives of all that we encounter; and should strive to add to the wisdom rather than the folly of humankind.

    We have mundane things to do along the way like mouths to feed, mortgages to pay, jobs to do so that we can provide those bare necessities for those who depend on us. But my hope is that the mundane things will not cloud our eyes to the most valuable things of giving our “now” to family, friends, and the needy whenever we can.

    Well that’s my ha’penny-worth after an evening sharing dinner and sipping wine in the company of my wife and my niece. (We have left the TV off.)


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