A moody Quebec morning: The view outside my bedroom window today. (Photo: Jillian Page)
A moody Quebec morning: The view outside my bedroom window today.

As the snow falls outside my window on this Saturday morn, it’s a time of reflection before the day begins. It is during moments like these that I remember the miracle of life, that we humans and everything that exists have appeared seemingly out of nothing, and that we may be destined to return to nothing . . . which makes me wonder about the nature of “nothingness” and whether nothing is really something after all.

Oh, poor old metaphysical me . . . Smiles . . . I won’t go there, for now.

I am reminded today how we humans most often take our lives and this beautiful planet for granted, and how we allow fussing and fighting to obscure the miracle of life, and how our lives can end in an instant in myriad ways. Surely we should be trying to make the most of every moment, but we don’t. We forget the miracle . . .

“Isn’t it a pity, isn’t it a shame . . .”

I wonder if the human race will eventually emerge from its current adolescent stage and mature, or will self-destruct. How is it that so many are bent on destroying the miracle of life for others? How have we come to the point that one man or woman could press a button and obliterate the miracle for everyone?

Yet, the beat goes on, and the new day has begun. There’s shopping to do, new dresses to pick up at the Sears catalogue order counter, dinner to prepare, wine to sip with my beloved Maggie, cuddling on the sofa while we watch Heartbeat tonight, then more moments of reflection as I drift off into the netherlands that immediately precede sleep . . .

Such is life, yes?, from the netherlands of waking to the netherlands of sleeping . . .

Merrily, merrily, and not-so merrily, life is but a dream?

One day at a time, Jillian . . . one day at a time.

Have a great weekend, dear friends.

— Jillian

P.S. Photo taken with my Samsung Galaxy Mega smartphone. I’ve had to reduce it in size for this post; the white haze you see is actually light snow falling.