Nudism/Naturism: Body hangups and acceptance

One of the things I love about social nudism settings is I can forget about my body hangups for a while. But no matter how much I get into nudism/naturism, I still have hangups outside of those settings.

Take the first signs of cellulite on the uppermost part of my thighs, which I’ve only noticed recently. Like, no way am I going to accept this without a major fight — which means plenty of thigh-type workouts.

Then there are the extra few pounds I noticed this week, which came out of freakin’ nowhere! Needless to say, I haven’t been eating much since — or drinking any wine, which, apparently, is a very sneaky source of calories.

Then there is the sagging face and its lines and . . . aaaak!!!!

Yet, when I am naked with my naturism friends this weekend, all of the aforementioned hangups will be forgotten, if only for a couple of hours.

But then afterward, I will be dieting and exercising like crazy and booking a facelift date with a plastic surgeon and a microdermabrasion date with an esthetician. And dithering over which dress to wear to work . . .

A paradoxical enigma, that’s me, yes?

Sigh . . . I can’t wait to sit in the communal hot tub with my new friends . . .

How about you? Has naturism helped you overcome body hangups, if not permanently, then temporarily?


3 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Body hangups and acceptance

  1. I’m OK with my body. It is what it is. I try to stay fit but during the winter it is hard for me to do what I do to keep fit and that is biking. Sure I could do stationary biking at home, but it’s not the same. I’ll be biking soon again and I loose the winter weight I put on. All’s good, three to four more weeks of winter. I’m waiting patiently.


  2. It has certainly helped me. When I, through social nudity, in my late teens/early twenties realized that my body was NOT hideous I gradually learned to like it, and even love it. Eventually I started to take more care and we are now friends and have a lot of fun.
    I too feel a complete sense of relaxation and disconnectedness from the “civilized” world and all the pressure there when I’m in a naturist setting. It’s the best way to let go for a while.
    Thanks for your great posts!


  3. Sometimes nudity can be like a bolt hole, a place to unwind, away from the normal pressures of life. Unlike many bolt holes however, it can be enjoyed with others in a most convivial way as well as in solitude.


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