There’s something to be said for meeting people for the first time in a social nudism setting. It puts lie — in part, at least — to the old saying about the importance of first impressions, because those impressions usually involve textiles as well as manners and presentation. But in a swimming pool and hot tub setting, the first impressions are really about language and eye contact — and vibes.

The swim event I attended with my group last weekend had several newbies, including a couple of readers of this blog as well as my beloved partner, Maggie. One of the newbies and I seemed to have a lot in common, and we bonded pretty quickly. It was no surprise to me later, in the dressing room, to see that she and I have similar tastes in fashion, too.

It was also so nice to be able to introduce Maggie to everyone, and to see any fears and reservations she had about social nudism fade away pretty quickly. She was glad she took the plunge, so to speak.

I expect there will be quite a crowd of us going to the clothing-optional part of Oka Beach this summer — something to look forward to. Our group will be having a summer barbecue, too.

I do love the pool settings in winter, but it will be great to take it all outdoors. After all, being au naturel in the Great Outdoors is really what it is all about, yes?

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences. What was your first time like? First impressions? Plans?