“The flower opens, and lo! another year” — does this (Chinese proverb) not epitomize spring? It is all so familiar, such a common occurrence, yet cosmic in its impact. The flower is the crown of the plant’s growth, yet can we say that all this extravagant beauty is created merely to give life away in the bearing of seed? We need but think how necessary flowers are to our well being, not only in practical ways, but to uplift and nourish the soul. What greater proof of divinity than these brave messengers from nature’s finer worlds, masterpieces of color, form, fragrance, and precision of design; simple in basic plan, yet infinite in variation. The marvel of flowers alone keeps alive one’s sense of wonder. Tennyson believed that if he could understand what a flower is, “root and all, and all in all,” he would know what God and man is.
– Ingrid Van Mater, from A Flower Opens

Or perhaps Tennyson would have understood the nature of the universe . . . as above, so below . . .

Do we really need to look beyond the flower?