Spring fever!

Spring is in the air, yes? Even if it’s not on the ground yet, at least, not in this neck of the white woods. Still, I’ve caught spring fever . . . and I’m already thinking about going to the clothing-optional section of Oka Beach as soon as possible!

Today I started my spring workout program, with the goal of losing 5 or 6 pounds and toning my body. First, I did a few kilometres on the stationary bike, then I did 40 situps, then I managed to do three whole pushups — I haven’t done them for a long time, but I will soon have them up to 20 or so per session! Next, I worked out with a couple of 10-pound cast-iron dumbbells, followed by some thigh work on an interesting Free Spirit stair stepper — you can adjust the tension, so you get a good workout. Etc. . . . You get the picture.

The idea is to work out for 20 minutes to a half-hour every day. And, of course, watch what I eat.

I also have a nude modelling session at the end of April, so I want to be as trim as I possibly can be for that event.

Yes, I am motivated!

And then there’s the Sears Summer Preview catalogue that arrived in my mailbox today. Yes, I will be ordering a few dresses . . . and I just can’t wait to slip into my platform sandals again, and bare my legs . . . and yippee!!!

Just sayin’ . . .

How about you? Do you have spring fever? What are you up to?

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “Spring fever!

  1. Heck! You are wearing me out just talking about all that exercise!

    It is wonderful, I agree, that those of us in the northern hemisphere have the delights of spring sprung upon us. Enjoy your exercise, though I won’t say I shall be joining you in that.

    Don’t fret about the nude modelling session in a month… thy will love you as you are, if they have any sense.

    I haven’t been perusing any clothing catalogues, in fact my wife was telling me one of my favourite shirts, that I was wearing last Friday, may be about 30 years old, and the England rugby shirt I was wearing on Sunday is even older. But they don’t have holes in them, and they are comfortable, so why should I ditch them for newer items? I suspect that might possibly be one of the differences between men and women?

    I am certainly looking forward to the “naturist season” in the UK, getting back to Oaklands Sun Club, and I might even venture as far as Holkham Bay naturist beach if the daft buggers have stopped squabbling about it. From what I can tell we naturists are now restricted to the Crown Estate area “below mean high tide” and we are not allowed in the Holkham Estate area “above mean high tide”, so what we are supposed to do when the tide is in, I don’t know?

    Whatever it is you get to do, enjoy it to the full xxx


  2. same here, finally warm enough to work nude in the office again. We too are starting to work out to regain what was lost in the winter months. The pool is re-opening soon at the nude resort and we want to be ready for pool volleyball.


  3. I’m afraid to get too wrapped up in spring fever… on Saturday it was 76 and sunny, and the next day it was snowing.

    I’m still working on getting my body right for the warm months that I’m still holding out hope for are coming. I’m looking forward to a nude outdoor shoot with a friend-photographer (the last one we did was in December, it was 45 degrees out and we shot for some 2 1/2 hours!) And I think I’ll throw in some paintball too.


  4. I certainly do yearn for spring and warmth and sunshine. I have spent most of the last two weeks naked most of the time (about 18 hours a day) I am now quite comfortable to be clothes free. I have ordered my year pass to Oka beach. I am certainly looking forward to this summer.


  5. Spring here? Girl, check a calendar, it’s only March. Spring won’t be for another couple of months in this country. Let’s hope it falls on a weekend this year.

    Good for you about the exercise. Now comes the hard part – keeping it up on an ongoing basis. Remember to vary your routine, it gives better results.


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