Spring is in the air, yes? Even if it’s not on the ground yet, at least, not in this neck of the white woods. Still, I’ve caught spring fever . . . and I’m already thinking about going to the clothing-optional section of Oka Beach as soon as possible!

Today I started my spring workout program, with the goal of losing 5 or 6 pounds and toning my body. First, I did a few kilometres on the stationary bike, then I did 40 situps, then I managed to do three whole pushups — I haven’t done them for a long time, but I will soon have them up to 20 or so per session! Next, I worked out with a couple of 10-pound cast-iron dumbbells, followed by some thigh work on an interesting Free Spirit stair stepper — you can adjust the tension, so you get a good workout. Etc. . . . You get the picture.

The idea is to work out for 20 minutes to a half-hour every day. And, of course, watch what I eat.

I also have a nude modelling session at the end of April, so I want to be as trim as I possibly can be for that event.

Yes, I am motivated!

And then there’s the Sears Summer Preview catalogue that arrived in my mailbox today. Yes, I will be ordering a few dresses . . . and I just can’t wait to slip into my platform sandals again, and bare my legs . . . and yippee!!!

Just sayin’ . . .

How about you? Do you have spring fever? What are you up to?

— Jillian