Same-sex marriage: Good news from the Archbishop of Canterbury

News we need after the horrible goings-on in the United States this week:

The Daily Mail reports that ” The Archbishop of Canterbury has signalled that the Church of England will mount no more resistance to gay marriage among churchgoers.”

It is nice to see the Church evolving.


– Jillian

2 thoughts on “Same-sex marriage: Good news from the Archbishop of Canterbury

  1. In “England and Wales” from tomorrow it will be possible to finally enter into a marriage with equal responsibilities and benefits to those enjoyed by heterosexuals for an eternity.

    The quoted archbishop may claim to have pulled down the road blocks but he has not filled in the pot holes or dug up the land mines! In his cartel with the catholic church they have a united front to refuse to collaborate with any of their members who wish to marry. Best convert to the jewish faith or become a methodist they will be happy to oblige…

    Unlike the proposed Scottish bill still chugging slowly towards implementation, south of the border the government with it’s usual stupidity has failed to provide a way for what has been seen as a second class arrangement of civil partnership, no way has been provided in their bill to be able to convert them into a marriage. Many have objected to having to declare relationships as civil partnerships since they were not made available to heterosexual couples not wishing to have a “marriage”, every time you declared a civil partnership you openly declared homosexuality which not everyone wish dot do in every case!

    Did the legislation bother to include the obligation for pension providers to give the same treatment to these newly weds as they would to any heterosexual signed up to exactly the same pension plan. LIKE HELL THEY DID!

    Governments are a farce, ours doubly so…

    Bigotry and stupidity seem to be prerequisite to be in government… As for religions which preach loving thy neighbour…


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