Peter LaBarbera in Saskatchewan: Petition seeks to keep him out of convention

The Regina Leader-Post, a sister newspaper of The Gazette, has a balanced report on what the paper is saying is “a conflict between freedom of speech and human rights (that) is escalating in Weyburn (Saskatchewan).”

The report says: “Since Sunday, nearly 400 people have signed a petition to stop Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, from speaking at the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association convention on April 11 and 12.”

To be truthful, I had never heard of Peter LaBarbera and the anti-gay group he founded — I can’t keep up with all the anti-gay folks in the U.S., and I really don’t understand why they are so hung up on the sexual activities of people they don’t even know. I mean, why do they spend so much time and effort on sexual themes rather than focusing on the bigger issues, like guns, weapons of mass destruction, war, homelessness, hunger, global warming etc.

(Yes, yes, I know: it’s not so easy to raise money to tackle the real issues. )

Anyway, there is a petition on, which Peter links to from his site. It calls for the Saskatchewan group to disinvite him. At the time of writing this post (12:35 a.m. Thursday), it had been signed by 658 people.

According to the report, Peter is undeterred by the petition and plans to attend the convention.

I’m wondering, though, if he might be turned back at the border by Canadian officials. According to the Leader-Post, Peter’s group “is listed as a possible anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

He is scheduled to be in Saskatchewan on April 11 and 12.

– Jillian

One thought on “Peter LaBarbera in Saskatchewan: Petition seeks to keep him out of convention

  1. Americans would not know “the truth” if they were smacked in the face with it. Most of them are ignorant of anything outside their own state, never mind outside their own nation. You have to wonder how a country composed of the diaspora of the world can have become so narrow minded and insulated. Ol’ Pontius Pilate nailed it when he said “What is truth?” ( This Peter LaBarbera has no more clue than I do


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