Here’s a refreshing break from all the crap that has been going down recently in the war for LGBT equality in the United States. You may remember that Honey Maid ran an ad campaign in March featuring gay, interracial, single parent and military families. Of course there was an anti-gay backlash from people who saw the ads as less than wholesome. Well, Honey Maid hasn’t backed down. Au contraire, it has responded positively with all the negative — and positive — responses it has received. I’m not going to spoil it for you, so watch the video below and see what they did.

One more thought on this: Some might think this is all about the company’s bottom line, a clever marketing technique. I don’t see it that way. They could have just let the whole issue pass quietly, but instead they have taken a stand on the principle of equality. And on Love.

If it fattens the bottom line at the same time, they deserve it.

Bravo, Honey Maid!