Scott Lively: Will God help him become governor of Massachusetts?

I wonder if Scott Lively has gone too far with his anti-homosexual agenda. The controversial anti-gay crusader, who is running for governor of Massachusetts, reportedly stated the following in an interview: “I think (U.S. President Barack) Obama may as well be a homosexual himself. He is certainly a radical homosexualist – meaning a person, whether they are homosexual or not, meaning a person who is 100 per cent invested in the homosexual agenda.”

Hmm. Often, it is the reverse: people who are terribly homophobic are repressing their own homosexual feelings and because they are so guilt-ridden, lash out at others,

Whatever the case, though, in an article on The Christian Post site, Mr. Lively reportedly says this about his chances of becoming governor of Massachusetts: “I expect to often be asked by reporters what I think my prospects are for winning this election. To this I reply that it would take a miracle from God for Scott Lively to become Governor of Massachusetts – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Indeed. So if he doesn’t win, will Mr. Lively understand the message that God is sending him, i.e. that God is displeased with him, that he should leave the judging to God, that he stop crusading against gay people?

And perhaps he and others should ponder why God — and Jesus — don’t put in personal appearances to clarify the whole issue, considering all the confusion, bigotry and persecution that is going on. (But I digress.)

– Jillian

3 thoughts on “Scott Lively: Will God help him become governor of Massachusetts?

  1. If there really were a God, there ought to be a few lightening bolts headed the way of Scott Lively and his ilk, but there isn’t so there won’t be… unfortunately.

    That these delusional folk think having some sort of mega version of Harvey ( gives them the right to be mean to those the don’t understand… I don’t understand. So does that give me the right to be mean to them? I am sure I could dream up a better invisible side kick than theirs “if push came to shove” (


  2. We threw his maggot ass out of Portland Oregon in the early 90’s. God has no power,apparently.

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