LGBT issues: Showing support for Honey Maid

(As posted to my Gazette blog)

I bet it doesn’t surprise you that some conservative groups in the United States are less than pleased with Nabisco’s Honey Maid, which has released short videos showcasing diverse families, including one with gay parents. Apparently, the Huffington Post is reporting, the director of the group One Million Moms — which reportedly number fewer than half that number — told “Now we know not to support Honey Maid, and we won’t be buying their products. …We can vote with our wallets.”

Indeed. That sort of personal boycott is the consumer’s right.

And it is also the consumer’s right to show support for LGBT-friendly companies like Honey Maid by making sure we buy their products — maybe even buy a little more than we need and give the extra to a charitable organization that helps needy people. Wouldn’t that be a sweet way to show your love for the people at Honey Maid who stood up for LGBT people against a conservative backlash?

Keep it in mind when you’re doing your grocery shopping.

– Jillian

2 thoughts on “LGBT issues: Showing support for Honey Maid

  1. That’s a great idea. The store near me has a collection basket for the local pantry charity. On my next trip, I’ll buy some Honey Maid products and leave them in the pantry box. Win-Win-Win.


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