Nude modelling session

My next nude modelling session for the artists’ workshop is approaching, and I want to do something completely different — and original — this time. I figure the artists sketch people every week doing pretty much the same poses. So, I’m thinking I will incorporate some different elements and props, ranging from risque/naughty to contemplative.

It’s a three-hour session with poses that are held for just a few minutes up to 20 minutes. Last time I wore spiky heels for some of the poses. I’ll do the same again this time, and might even incorporate some thigh-high boots and a feathery BDSM flogger in a pose or two. lol.

I’m also thinking of using a mask or two for some poses, and perhaps working a Quebec flag into some.

Yes, I definitely want to be as original as possible.

Am still thinking about it all.


— Jillian

Jillian Page with apple, in 20-minute reclining pose for Figure Drawing workshop in Montreal on Oct. 20, 2013.
Jillian Page with apple, in 20-minute reclining pose for Figure Drawing workshop in Montreal on Oct. 20, 2013.

8 thoughts on “Nude modelling session

  1. I remember your last ones had a risque element as well. Personally I think that’s a good thing, were else are these artist going to get that opportunity. Plus it may help shape the style of art many of them enjoy. The one above offers a view most will never see. trying to get into some modeling myself.


  2. Thigh-high boots sounds fun! Is the teacher cool with being risque? Usually these sorts of sessions are supposed to be tasteful right.

    There are only so man poses you can do, and they can be very hard work depending on how long you must stay still. Perhaps it’s all about props. Bring whips and chains and lean on something, so on.


      1. Sorry I meant so “many” poses you can do. What would be a man pose anyway hmmm?

        I took life drawing in college and tried modeling it a bit amateurly. I found its extremely difficult to stay still for extended periods of time. Modeling is actually hard work.

        Anyway, in my experience the life drawing classes are nude but they tried to focus on how it’s not sexual and I just wonder how riskiness could be acceptable. Always good to push the envelope tho, cheers!


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