I just don’t trust the Internet anymore as a place to do financial transactions, and I am betting a lot of other people feel that way. Not that I do much online business. But I am told that even if you never use the Internet, companies that you do business with use the Internet, and our transactions with them are probably recorded somewhere online.

In other words, the Internet reaches into our lives whether we like it or not — in myriad ways.

One could talk about a huge invasion of privacy here. And about just how unsafe the Internet is.

I’m thinking that business didn’t really look hard before it leaped into the Internet. I fear the Internet will implode as a place to do business, and thus go out of business itself — leaving many people holding the virtual bag. Pop!

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe authorities will be able to make the Internet safe from hackers and thieves. Or maybe something so bad will happen that they will have to shut it all down — just like they banned all planes from flying for a while after 9/11.

Imagine a world without the Internet. Hey, I can do that. I remember when the Internet didn’t exist, and we all got along just fine.

But I really do love the Internet, especially social media and blogging. It really has made the world a global village.

Will a few rotten individuals spoil it for everyone else?

I hope not.

— Jillian