I’m working on a post about anglophones who support the idea — the principle — of Quebec sovereignty. I know that some do, and I would like to hear from them here, in the comments section of this post. I would then use some of those comments for the post I am writing– which may or may not be posted in my Gazette blog or/and here.

I’m wondering if any anglophones — from within Quebec or outside the province — see Quebec as an occupied territory, and see the French people here as a conquered majority still held in subordination to Her Majesty the Queen through Ottawa.

I’m also wondering about assimilation: do you think that francophones who do not yearn for a separate Quebec have been assimilated?

This is a research post for me: I’m not looking for a heated debate here on the sovereignty issue, so I don’t want to hear from federalists who are opposed to Quebec sovereignty. I only want to hear from anglophone supporters, to hear their viewpoints, to get an idea of how you feel and why you feel that way?

Why do you support French Quebecers’ desire for nationhood?

Thank you.

— Jillian