They’re baaack! Birds heading north

For the second day in a row, I saw hundreds, perhaps thousands of geese in the farmers’ fields on each side of Highway 15 in Mirabel.

The fields resemble shallow lakes these days, and the birds are feeding and bathing.

It’s all so beautiful.

I always feel so disappointed when I see them heading south in the autumn, and so happy when I see — and hear — them returning in the spring.

Yes, it is spring — the season of renewal.


Am anxiously awaiting the return of the loons to the lake I live by. They usually put in an appearance — with an accompanying song announcing their return — the day the ice breaks up and there’s enough open water for them to fish. And they tend to go on and on with their song, which may actually be a message to other loons that they’ve claimed the lake as their own. Whatever, it’s times like those that I am reminded just how loony loons can be . . . But I really don’t mind at all.

– Jillian

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